All Brawlers in Brawl Stars


Characters in Brawl Stars are called Brawlers and here you can check each brawler, their stats, data, star powers, gadgets or gears to learn how to play with them better. We collect battle logs to provide statistics on which brawlers work on individual maps best!

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i didn't even notice some of these were changed! by @dvister_yt

Every Brawler & Skin group (Re-Reupload because of some

CLB - Brawl Stars on X: All Brawlers' Speeds! 👀 Which one is

Translating Affordances — From Digital to Physical

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Repeated bans, a big bug for Brawl Stars games

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I think, we need new rare brawler. : r/Brawlstars

All Brawl Stars Season 20 Skins: Brawlers, Prices, Release Dates

Character Tier List, Best Brawlers 2021

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